Free distribution of ADR tokens.

Any member of the AirDrop program can receive ADR tokens for free! Read the rules:

15,000 ADR tokens have been allocated for AirDrop! They are placed on the pre-sale & airdrop contract: 0xbc656f20d36b7dc635a6b09510c0a98c28e87c33 Payment for AirDrop: 1.5 ADR You can only get AirDrop 1 time! Airdrop duration: 26.12.2020 - 26.01.2021

How to get 1.5 ADR for free:

  • Get 1.5 ADR for free. Go to the site and click the airdrop button(in the left menu). Then click "Get 1.5 ADR".
Get 1.5 ADR tokens for free. To do this, you need to click on the button. You can get airdrop if you use a Web3 wallet(for example, MetaMask).
After completing the AirDrop: The remaining ADR tokens will be divided into 2 parts! 50/50. The first part will be distributed among ADR holders (who participated in the pre-sale). The second part is burned!
Last modified 10mo ago