ADR Staking instruction
How to participate in staking ADR
17.01.2021 created a smart contract for staking ADR tokens!
APY (1 year yield) is 126%!

Instructions for starting ADR staking:

1 - You need to have ADR tokens on your wallet balance. Instructions on how to buy ADR tokens can be found here.
2 - On the main page of the website, click on the "FARM" button:
3 - Click the "APPROVE SPEND" button. Confirm this in your wallet. (this operation only needs to be performed 1 time. In the future, the site will not ask you to make it again.):
4 - Wait for the transaction to be processed on the Ethereum network. Click the "STAKE" button, confirm in your wallet:
Congratulations! Now you are participating in staking! You will receive new ADR tokens every few seconds. You can order the payment of earned ADR at any time! Click on the "CLAIM" button to collect your reward!
If you want to finish staking, pick up your rewards + all the ADRs you have invested - click on the "UNSTAKE" button!
Last modified 10mo ago