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Name: Adrenaline.Finance Ticker: ADR Decimals: 18 Protocol: ERC-20 Start staking: 31.01.2021 Max. Supply: 1,000,000 (This is the maximum possible number of tokens created. It will be released in a few years.) (Read the entire section tokenomics!)
This is a highly profitable farm token. The basis of the ADR code is taken from SUSHI. You can compare the ADR and SUSHI code. There are differences in it. In the code of the adrenaline contract-we removed the mint function for the administrator. It looks like this (our smart-contract rules): There are 2 smart contracts: 1 is the ADR token smart contract. 2 is a MasterChef smart contract. 1 - Token contract: This is an ADR token contract. Its code contains standard functionality. Tokens can be created, confirmed, and moved. 2 - MasterChef contract: This contract manages the ADR token. This contract has administrator(owner) rights. With the help of this contract, new tokens are created, farming takes place, and rewards are distributed. All calculations occur in this contract. Newly created ADR tokens are stored on this contract. When you click on CLAIM-this contract will send you your rewards. The ADR developer has no rights to change the token contract. He can't create ADR tokens for himself. This is the best protection of the project from a dump. You can see this for yourself! Look at etherscan!
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